Constitution – The Foundation, which bears the name of Gustavo Sanvenero Rosselli, founder of Plastic Surgery in Italy, was established in Milano on April 29th 1975 by Riccardo Mazzola, nephew and pupil of the Master.

Among the founding Members, mention should be made of the following: Giorgio Boggio Robutti (Milano), Luigi Fittipaldi (Milano), Graziella Lupo (Como), Domenico Rosselli (Roma), Franco Taveggia (Milano), Simone Teich Alasia (Torino).

For its high teaching and educational purposes, the by-laws of the Foundation were officially approved by the President of the Italian Republic on November 19th, 1976. Since then the Foundation acquired legal status.

Administration – The Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors (see), who meets once per year to approve the balance of the fiscal year, the budget and the upcoming scientific program.

Since its constitution the following Members served the Foundation as a President: Domenico Rosselli, Giorgio Boggio Robutti, Graziella Lupo, Alberto Azzolini, Simone Teich Alasia e Riccardo Mazzola (current President). The position of Secretary General was held by: Riccardo Mazzola, Anna M. Tavazzani e Andrea Grisotti (current Secretary).

Location – At the beginning, the seat of the Foundation, located in via Marchiondi 7, Milano, has hosted numerous lectures and seminars in the conference room equipped for this purpose.

Later, with the increasing number of participants, other conference venues were chosen.

Lectures and Courses – Since its constitution in 1975 and until 1997, some of the most renowned Plastic Surgeons worldwide delivered lectures at the Foundation (see Lectures list and. From 1997 onward, the Foundation organizes practical/theoretic courses with live surgery (see list of the Courses), always well attended by participants coming from various European countries. Courses are usually 3 per year. Up until now 55 courses took place on different Plastic Surgery topics. Lectures and Courses leaflets are kept in the Book of the Foundation Honorary Guests.

Library – The seat of the Foundation houses the Library of Plastic Surgery, originally assembled by Prof. Sanvenero Rosselli, considered one of the most important and complete and kept always updated.

The Foundation fulfils the following aims:

  1. To foster the scientific development of plastic surgery through meeting and cooperation of fellows and estimators of the Master, to whom the Foundation is dedicated;
  2. To furnish a continuous post-graduate education in the field of Plastic Surgery;
  3. To endorse and organize courses, symposia, events and publications in the field of Plastic Surgery;
  4. To run and manage the assets of the Foundation, so as to accomplish the above mentioned aims, also by granting scholarships or favoring other initiatives that the Board of Directors (see) will consider appropriate to encourage any form of training in Plastic Surgery.